Friday, December 31, 2010

new year resolution

This time last year I decided to give up something that was a daily part of life. It sounds lame, but I gave up bread because I knew that I would need to be more creative with meals if I wanted to stick to it. It didnt take long for me to realise that giving up bread limited me to pastries or deep fried foods when eating out, unless i went somewhere specific. So i decided i could eat wraps and pita bread. I lasted the year and it was worth doing. I'm going to continue this year but am also going to add something to my list of no no's. So far, over the years I have stuck to the following list:

No bread
No maccas, kfc, hungry jacks, subway
No softdrink (soda water excluded)
Drink 2lt of water daily

Hmmm it seems all of my resolutions involve food..perhaps tapping into a complex I seem to have. So this new year I want to resolve to something more character building..

...and here it is...

I won't gossip about anyone - ever.

My definition of gossip - saying something about someone else that you would not honestly say directly to them also.

I've always tried not to gossip, because I know that it is not helpful in building relationships, and it is just as damaging to the gossipee as the gossiper. But, I have indeed involved myself in gossip sessions that are not needed.

I will write out all of my frustrations in my journal and that way it is a way of working through things instead of adding to the mess of life.

So there you have it :) my twentyten resolution.

Ps: people look at you a bit funny when you just take the cup for communion.


nickflight said...
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nickflight said...

good one corrie... this is a good and important goal. if less people gossiped in this world there would be less gossip and that is needed.